Lisa Sanchez

Director of Operations

Lisa is responsible for the overall operations of all six locations under Katz & Associates along with staff recruitment, protocols & policy development, technology implementation, and training. She works to ensure that Katz continues to foster a cohesive working environment that includes collaboration, communication, and forward-thinking.

Lisa has been a member of the Katz & Associates family since 2010. She first came on board in the Boca Raton office as an Administrative Assistant and has effectively risen to the roles of Office Manager and Director of Operations. Previously, she served as a Recruitment Specialist with Arnold-Hanafin Corporation, seeking out talent to fill positions with national clients in aerospace and defense.

Based in Charlotte, Lisa continues to establish protocols and project management procedures that result in workflow efficiency and optimum time management. She tracks technology trends and seeks out the best services to provide the highest quality in real estate resources so that our team can make more accurate site selection, leasing, and market decisions.

“What has been my proudest achievement since being with Katz is that we have brought our team together. We are seeking each other out not just in our home office but in other offices as well. We are connecting to share ideas and strategies; we make decisions together and we are learning from one another. It is one thing to come to the table and have a seat, it’s another to be heard and recognized, that’s what I hope people feel when they’re with us – you are seen and heard.”

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